Something New: Product Photography & Pottery

The pottery I photographed for this post  my first try at product photography. Ahh!   is made by the lovely and incredibly talented Jessica Wolf.

Jess has worked in pottery studios before, and she decided to take ceramics this semester at UGA. Her work is remarkable. I feel spoiled whenever I stay at my boyfriend's and am able to eat and drink out of her creations. It's all very fancy. 

I had no idea how to photograph it. 


So I turned to the Internet.  

Turns out, I needed a light box. 

The Set-up: 

There are strobes and backdrops and all kinds of fancy professional equipment on the market. One day, probably a ways in the future, I'll buy some lighting equipment, and I'll be a very happy lady. Until then, I've got natural light. And that's quite alright with me. Natural light & I are besties. 

Still, even with the natural light taken care of, I needed a light box. Most DIY product photography tutorials I've read recommend using white foam board, an x-acto knife, and white tape. I'm way too cheap for that, so I used computer paper and an old Amazon box.

I do not suggest you use either of those things. 


The point of the foam board is that it reflects light well. The computer paper, while white, is not very reflective. What I ended up with was a rather jank looking box that was entirely too short, but yeah. "Make it work." 

At least Monty liked the box. 

Bless Photoshop.  

I posted two of my favorites at the top of the blog, but here are a few more using the light box. 


And that's all she wrote for that type of product photography. But while I had free reign of Jess's pieces, I wanted to try out other settings and backgrounds. Also, I was going stir-crazy and needed to go outside. 

Pinterest Product Photography:

Or, at least, it looks Pinterest-y to me. Pretty texture. Funky wood. Outside.  



I definitely want to try and play with this  more. I don't have a very good eye for layout and design yet, and I don't really know what looks good besides stereotypical things. Yesterday, I put a fuzzy pink sweater under one of Jess's bowls. It wasn't my best idea. It actually looked really stupid. But, you know, practice makes better. 



This was the most fun for me, and I'll definitely try again in the future.  


And now, the last section. These are a few pieces from Jess's first project of the semester. They're so detailed and lifelike that I knew I wanted to shoot them in a natural environment.

I found this part a lot easier than the white background, typical, non-Pinteresty stuff, cause it's more like what I'm used to. And Zack and I had a lot of fun scouting locations. 



Zack's leaf placement. 


This little guy is my favorite.  


And that's that. 



Thanks again for allowing me to shoot your wonderful pottery, JWolf!  

And to the rest of you guys, feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments. Otherwise, see you next time.