Tasmania: Bay of Fires Edition.

I've been back in the States for almost two weeks now, and there are a couple of things I haven't readjusted to: Georgia's monstrously humid heat & the knowledge that I can't just hop in the car and drive an hour+ in any direction to get to an amazing, beautiful, secluded beach.

Because Zack's work in Tasmania focused on marine ecology, mainly kelp (hormosira banksii, aka Neptune's necklace) and a species of invasive crabs from New Zealand, it meant that work days were beach days. Even in the cold, and Tasmania in April is pretty darn cold, it was always a wonder.

During my first weekend in Tasmania, Zack and I camped at Bay of Fires to help Rebecca, a lovely German PhD student, with her research. Holy holy, y'all. This place. I dream about this place. And I'm going to have to figure out how to get back. 

We drove there Saturday afternoon and arrived at the campsite just as the sun was setting. On Sunday and Monday mornings we got up at 7-ish to sample hormosira with Rebecca, and then the rest of the time was ours to explore. Give or take a little car trouble, it was probably my best camping experience. 

Marine ecology research, man. It'll take you to beautiful places.

Have a look: